Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants First Baseman, Speaks About Vision Therapy

Brandon Belt, 1st baseman, San Francisco Giants, speaks about vision therapy after his concussions

Video courtesy of Carole L. Hong, OD, FCOVD: In this video, San Francisco Giants first baseman, Brandon Belt, discusses how vision therapy helped him recover from concussions even though he had “perfect vision.” Even now, he continues to go to vision therapy and he thinks vision therapy is “the next level of the game.”

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Brain Injury: Vision & Rehabilitation

Graphic showing 3D image of a human head with bright center

Addressing damaged visual processing after an acquired brain injury can enhance your rehabilitation.

ABI and Hidden Visual Problems

Vision is your body’s most important source of sensory information. If you’ve experienced a brain injury, the vital connection between your brain and your vision may be interrupted or damaged. While that alone would be cause for treatment, consider the fact that all of your other rehabilitation activities rely on accurate vision for success.

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