Every program is customized for your success

At Highline Center for Vision Performance, we are passionate about developing vision skills so people can live to their full potential. Every day we are helping children overcome visual deficiencies so they can learn easily and helping adults break through learning barriers so they can finally pursue their dreams without limitations. Learn more about how vision is a learned skill.

Vision Therapy Programs for those with symptoms relating to:

Reading difficulties

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Symptoms of dyslexia

Double vision

Letter and word reversals

Visual fatigue / Eyestrain/Headaches

Sizing, spacing & copying difficulties

Eye/hand coordination

Developmental delays in vision

Visual symptoms resulting from head injury

Inconsistency in sports performance

Motion sickness

Performing below potential in school or at work

Poor driving skills

Post eye-surgery binocular problems

Computer vision syndrome

  • Complimentary Vision Performance Screenings and Consultations — We welcome students and adults who have concerns about their vision and reading skills to schedule this screening. This screening includes a Visagraph test which looks at many variables to determine how someone’s eyes perform during reading and provides results in terms of grade-level efficiency. Ultimately, it tells us how hard the eyes have to work compared to others at the same grade level.
  • Testing and diagnosis for school related vision skills and visually based reading disability — The task of reading is a complex interaction between the information that the eyes collect and what the brain does with that information. Knowing whether or not a student’s eye movements is inhibiting comprehension is critical to their academic and professional future.
  • Testing to assess the visual developmental level of the younger child — When we’re born, we cannot use our eyes together or focus far or near or understand what we see. If these skills do not develop normally they could substantially interfere with a child’s ability to learn.
  • Sports Enhancement Training — Whether you or your athlete is looking for an edge over the amateur competition, working for a college scholarship, or want to go professional, Sports Vision Training is the edge you’re looking for.
  • Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation — The eyes and the brain are a team. If the brain is injured and the visual system is compromised, rehabilitation seem an impossible task. Whether the brain injury was caused by a stroke or a blow to the head, a thorough evaluation of the visual system as part of the rehabilitation process is vital.
  • Treating Crossed or Wandering Eyes — Technically known as strabismus, this disorder exists because the muscles around the eye are not working well together – causing the two eyes to misalign. Vision Therapy is a non-surgical alternative that can be successful in treating many types of strabismus.

It takes a village

We regularly partner with other optometrists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language professionals and psychologists who diagnose vision problems and refer to HCVP for care. Often, and at the request of parents, we work closely with teachers to supply comprehensive reports and direct communication regarding the progress of a child.

Upon request, we also offer in-services and seminars for teachers, professionals, and parent groups in order to further public understanding of how vision impacts learning and, therefore, an individuals entire life. We are willing and available to schools who are interested in offering their students Vision Performance Screenings. Contact us for more information about this service.