Education and Career Performance Enhancement

Boosting Academic & Job Success

By enhancing existing visual function, you are able to read considerably faster and retain and comprehend more information.

School & Career Performance Enhancement

Students progressing from high school to college and professionals seeking career advancement oftentimes have significantly increased demand on their visual systems. Visual processing ability and visual efficiency skills will increasingly determine one’s success. With information coming at us with breakneck speed, it is more difficult to keep up with all of the data we must assimilate daily.

Highline Center for Vision Performance can boost visual abilities at virtually any age. By enhancing existing visual function, you or your student will be able to read considerably faster, and retain and comprehend more information. You will be able to “see past the words” on the page and visualize what you are reading so you can remember and comprehend, thereby making reading more enjoyable.

The end result is you are able to learn more efficiently and comfortably with better stamina. With a high school student getting ready to start college, this can make the difference in points scored on the ACT or SAT test which in turn can affect whether a scholarship is awarded or not. It can make a difference in whether the student can keep up with the increased demands of college and affect the number of semesters it takes to complete a degree program.

Since 1982, our optometrists have helped activate hidden potential with treatment programs tailored to optimize visual systems for success in school and work. Highline Center for Vision Performance offers a complementary performance based screening – Schedule one today!