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“I used to get headaches when I would try to read. I thought my eyes would never get better. Now the headaches are gone and I love to read. I also write better and faster. My eyes are now better and I am happy I graduated!”

— Analise, 11

Free Vision Performance Screenings

At Highline, we provide complimentary Vision Performance Screenings ($125 value) by appointment. This screening is not the same as a comprehensive eye examination given by an optometrist, but rather it is a testing process that measures reading comprehension and reveals how hard the eyes are working. A person may have 20/20 vision and still have vision deficiencies that create great hurdles in the classroom or on the job.

If you are unsure whether you should schedule a Vision Performance Screening, please review our symptom checklist or call us for more information. When problems are discovered, we offer a customized training program that addresses specific visual skills deficiencies.

“Although Julie was reading at grade level in middle school, she had to work extremely hard to keep up. Once I saw the initial results of the Visagraph, I finally understood the reason why my daughter was struggling in school. It was a real eye-opener.”

— Julie’s Mom

Visagraph Testing Included

The task of reading is a complex interaction between the information that the eyes collect and what the brain does with that information. Just as reading is a learned process, eye movements for reading follow a developmental process. These eye movements can be measured during Visagraph testing.

What the Visagraph does

The Visagraph allows us to give a very powerful demonstration of how hard the eyes are working to get the task of reading done. The test measures the efficiency of the visual system during the process of reading. The scoring takes into account reading comprehension. The patient wears goggles with sensors in them allowing us to measure the accuracy and efficiency of the eye movements during the process of reading a 100 word paragraph that is at the patient’s independent reading level. Ten questions are then asked to assess comprehension.

Here is the powerful part: we can then put the paragraph on the computer screen and with a “bouncing ball” demonstrate what the patient’s eyes were doing during reading.  This is very helpful for parents and patients to see why loss of place, re-reading, using the finger to keep place and other symptoms are occurring. 

We are dedicated to making sure every one of our patients is able to live a fulfilling, happy life in which learning and growing is a joyful experience.

About Us

Since 1983, Highline Center for Vision Performance has worked with children and adults with vision disorders. All of our therapists are nationally certified in Vision Therapy and our entire team is committed to helping our patients realize their maximum potential.

Our Vision Therapy program is led by a team of specialists with extensive experience working with patients who have developmental and acquired vision conditions. Additionally, the progress of every patient is overseen by one of our optometrists, all of whom are board certified in Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy Success

Every day we hear success stories from our Vision Therapy graduates:

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