Vision Therapy for Struggling Students

Resolving Deficiencies

We specialize in working with visual deficiencies that limit learning in school or on the job. Our programs increase visual comfort and stamina to makes learning fun again!

Resolving Visual Deficiencies that Affect Learning

Deficiencies in our visual system adversely affect everything that we do – in particular, our performance at school or work. Having problems with our vision may influence what we ultimately think of ourselves and even how well we socialize. We may have been diagnosed with a visual acuity problem that has been ‘corrected’ with eyeglasses but still leaves us with poorly trained visual skills or an inability to effectively visually process information.

Many eye examinations screen for visual acuity but do not properly evaluate other very important visual skills including tracking, focusing, eye teaming (the cooperation of the two eyes) and visual perceptual skills.

Undiagnosed visual deficiencies may make it difficult or impossible for us to concentrate and makes reading difficult. Adults or children with visual deficiencies may be very smart and yet present with trouble in reading or math. Many people have been misdiagnosed as having dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when a vision problem was underlying their symptoms.

“Thank you Highline for vision therapy and how much it has helped our daughter. Now, she loves school, gets through homework quickly, is reading at grade level, and her confidence is off the charts!”
– Jeanie

The most inadequate screening tool for detecting vision problems that affect performance is the century old Snellen test – the common 20/20 vision exam. Passing the Snellen test tells us nothing about how much effort it takes to see, if we are able to remember or make sense of what we see, or if we can speak or write about what was seen. Children who have 20/20 visual acuity may still take hours to do homework, having to read and re-read, trying to comprehend. The learning struggles affect the entire family.

With proper diagnosis and Highline’s individualized Vision Therapy programs, reading levels and comprehension can significantly improve. Self-esteem increases and negative behaviors of students may be vastly reduced. Adults who resolve their visual deficiencies become more efficient, have better stamina and comfort and less fatigue, allowing them to be more successful in their careers, and have added enjoyment in leisure activities.

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