Vision Therapy Success Stories

The future is yours when you're free to learn.

Since 1983 we have been honored to positively impact thousands of lives with Vision Therapy. This is a testament to their success and our passion.

From our Graduates:

I’m back in school and I feel so much SMARTER!!! Spelling is going great!

~Austin, 9

My Vision Therapy was a huge success to me. I have accomplished each of my goals. I have better grades. I also have no headaches and I don’t have to squint. My tracking is much better as well. I don’t have any troubles at all during school any more. I can read faster also.

~Tiana, 13

I want to thank Ms. Connie for helping me with eye therapy. I am much better at school, football and baseball. In fact, I can hit the baseball so hard that I broke my bat! Thank  you for helping me read better and school is easier now that my eyes don’t hurt anymore.

~Gunner, 10

My eyes began improving in Vision Therapy. A little while before I graduated, I started noticing a difference. By the last two appointments, MY EYES DIDN’T ACHE after therapy!! Then I graduated and started to read more.

I enjoy sitting down and reading a  good book whenever I can!!! Now, when I finish my schoolwork, I feel like I can still read a book or do something else.

I was able to study very, very hard and make it to the top 100 and go to the National Bible Bee, which I was very excited about and had a blast. With all the reading and visualization for memory work, I think Vision Therapy really helped my eyes to be able to focus and not feel exhausted.

~Tiffany, 12

Before Vision Therapy I struggled with reading because I was a slow reader and when I read aloud the words were choppy. Sometimes I didn’t understand what I was reading on some pages. This made me feel mad and sad because I just wanted to be able to read faster and to understand what I was reading. When I started Vision Therapy, over time I noticed changes. The first thing I noticed was my fluency improved. I was reading faster! I could also understand more pages without having to re-read a lot. I also noticed my reading test scores were improving and my scores were becoming higher. That made me feel happy and proud of myself! I started to enjoy reading again. My spelling and writing also seemed to improve. I was always good at math, but I felt more confident in that area as well. I love to play soccer and towards the end of Vision Therapy I noticed I could juggle the ball and my foot skills improved. I enjoyed my sessions with Ms. Denise and had a lot of fun with her. I was happy and sad to graduate – happy because I worked hard but sad to not see Ms. Denise anymore.

~Mikayla, 9

I used to get headaches when I would try to read. I thought my eyes would never get better. Now the headaches are gone and I love to read. I also write better and faster. My eyes are now better and I am happy I graduated!

~Analise, 11

Thanks to vision therapy, Leo is excelling in and out of the classroom.

~Parents of Leo, 6

Parents of Graduates:

Before Leo started vision therapy, he had issues with tracking and teaming. He worked extremely hard with Connie and at home. After graduation from Vision Therapy, Leo is now able to read longer passages, catch and throw a ball with greater accuracy, and focus on school work for longer periods of time. Reading and writing is no longer frustrating for Leo. Not only did his eyes improve, but so did his self-confidence. Thanks to vision therapy, Leo is excelling in and out of the classroom.

~Parents of Leo, 6

Our son began struggling with reading and school in general. His lexile scores dropped 200 points from the beginning of his fourth grade year to the beginning of his fifth. Everything was so difficult. Ethan would lose his place while reading. He was unable to comprehend what he was reading because he was trying so hard just to read the words . Homework time was stressful. After doing a little research online and talking with other parents, we decided to make an appointment with Highline.

Upon the first visit, our suspicions were confirmed. He had a convergence, tracking issue. We began driving five hours roundtrip, once a week to Vision Therapy. We faithfully did the Vision Therapy exercises that were recommended each night for 30-45 minutes. He graduated from Vision Therapy nine weeks from when we began.

Vision Therapy has completely changed Ethan. Homework time is easier and less stressed. He had straight A’s last semester and his confidence has dramatically increased. He went from thinking something was wrong with him to knowing he can be successful in school. Vision Therapy took a commitment from our family on many levels, but it has given Ethan the piece that was missing to be a successful student.

~Mother of Ethan, 10

Vision Therapy was an amazing experience for my son. Prior to attending therapy, my son was routinely irritable, headachy, and drained after school. In addition, while being extremely intelligent, he greatly struggled with the physical act of handwriting. His penmanship was sloppy, and it took a tremendous amount of cajoling from Mom to get him to write more than a few words. The transition from before therapy to after therapy was remarkable. His irritability and headaches have largely vanished, and he truly seems much less exhausted from school. The most astounding thing to my husband and I has been the improvement in his writing. His writing is now legible, more lengthy and takes him much less time. My son’s favorite outcome from the therapy is that he became a better hitter in baseball and has since batted several home runs. I would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone; the positive results in all aspects of your child’s life are astounding.

~Mother of Cade, 8

My son started Vision Therapy in September and finished in July. The results weren’t visible at first. But along the way, the homework struggle that was there before somehow disappeared School became easier. Daniel always needed help with Language Arts, writing essays, etc. Not this year. And he is in the GT class for the first year. Reading speed increased dramatically. His juggling skills (he loves to do it) improved. No more reversed letters. He usually doesn’t like to draw, but his drawing for school projects has really impressed us. The best thing about Vision Therapy is that it expanded his horizon and outlook on life.

~Mother of Daniel, 12

Just knowing what the problem was and that it could be corrected gave him a confidence boost and put a smile back on his face that his family had not seen for years. He started Vision Therapy in the fall of 8th grade and by the time he received his grades at the end of the semester he had made the honor roll.

~Mother of ML, 13

As a parent, I was so frustrated with K’s struggle with learning to read in first grade. We worked and worked together at home and nothing was improving. After vision therapy, K started second grade this fall and it’s night-and-day different. She wrote in a school newsletter, ‘I love to read.’ She now reads non-stop!


I just got J’s report card over the weekend and had to share. She got all A’s in work habits. The best news is she got 3 B’s and the rest A’s in content knowledge. She also got the most improved award in Social Studies – going from a C (back in Nov.) to an A! The school also took her off ILP because her “A” grade in Language Arts cannot justify her being on the ILP. LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you again!!! You Rock!

~Mother of a 7th grade graduate

We have seen Analise struggle with school, reading and headaches. We felt that we must have been doing everything wrong. The public school system tried to label her as dyslexic and didn’t give us any answers. Highline Vision Therapy has not only helped us feel there is hope, but has dramatically helped Analise’s reading skills and has improved her quality of life. Thank you!!

~Parents of Analise, 11

Our son has gone from a child who did not like school, who would NOT do his homework without a fight, to a child who does his homework during his lunch period, helps his teachers during free time, stays after school for extra school support when he needs it because he wants to, and he is getting A’s! He even was named “Student of the Month” in October. The only thing we can attribute this dramatic change to is the Vision Therapy. Yes, our son has matured since going to middle school, but the change in him is much deeper than that.

~Mr. & Mrs. P.H.

When we came to Highline Vision Center for Briana’s vision screening, she hated to read and she was getting severe headaches every time she read. At the time, Briana was in the sixth grade and, although she could read the individual words required for her grade level, she would have trouble when trying to read them within a paragraph.

She is an intelligent girl, so we knew something was very wrong. We had suspected vision problems in the past and had taken her to four different eye doctors. They prescribed reading glasses but that didn’t help her at all. Her screening at Highline Vision Center determined that her eyes were functioning at about a first or second grade level. Her ability to track and focus on a passage of reading was very limited and would deteriorate very quickly as she read. It was no wonder she got headaches and hated to read.

After several difficult months of therapy, she now is headache free when she reads. At one time, I seriously didn’t think she would ever be able to read a chapter book. Well, I was wrong! She is now in the second book of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series. She even gets in trouble sometimes for reading when she should be doing something else. Thank you, Dr. Jeri and Denise for all your help. You are wonderful!

~Mother of Briana, 13

We are so thankful to Vision Therapy and Dr. Redmond for helping our son, Ian with his success. Ian had really struggled with reading, catching a ball and behavior.

In just over a year, Ian can read above grade level, can catch and throw a ball easier and has been much happier at school. He was even recognized by his teacher today as Hardest Working Student in the class. We can’t thank the Vision Therapists enough for all the hard work, love and attention they gave Ian.

~Parents of Ian, 7

Lena has been doing so well since completing Vision Therapy. Her reading speed has continued to grow and, most importantly, her comprehension has significantly increased. She feels equal to her 4th grade classmates, which has built up a tremendous amount of confidence. Lena needs less help from me with her homework. Her sentence structure and speed of work have improved and she is able to manage her time and stay on track while working on a project. Her enthusiasm for school is contagious and her natural curiosity that had gotten suppressed by 1st grade has again emerged.

~Mother of Lena, 9

I am pleased with the improvements I’ve seen in Isaiah. He no longer gets carsick and has learned to ride his bike. His handwriting has improved tremendously. He also finishes his homework in a timely manner. All of these improvements have really boosted his confidence, which  has made him happier and more motivated in school. I look forward to seeing more positive changes as the school year continues.

~Mother of Isaiah, 9